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My Phone Can Automatically Find Treasure!, Zhonghai City, in an old and broken-down rental house near Zhonghai University., Ye Feng had just signed the contract and sent the landlord off when a notification sound came in his mind., Congratulations, Host. You are now bound to the Treasure Hunting System., At the same time, the navigation app icon in Ye Feng’s phone lit up with a blinding white light, and then returned to normal., What was going on?, Ye Feng was a little dazed., He was a fan of novels, and he often read online novels. Naturally, he knew that the system was the standard of the main character., He didn’t reject the system. Instead, he looked forward to it, but it felt a little unreal., Unexpectedly, just as he was in a daze, the system notification sounded again., 92 kilograms of stolen money was detected., The Treasure Hunting System is guiding you. Walking navigation begins. Please head forward to the left from your current position and reach the destination after 6 meters…, 6 meters to the left?, Wasn’t that his own bedroom?, Ye Feng’s expression was strange. Could the system have made a mistake?, He had seen the bedroom before. There was nothing but a bed inside, so where was the treasure?, However, when he thought about the 92 kilograms of stolen money mentioned by the system…, It was in the bedroom anyway, so there was no loss in taking a look., Thus, Ye Feng walked toward the bedroom., On the way, he was also thinking about the information given by the system., Since it was stolen money, and so heavy, it could only be cash., Generally speaking, cash that would be hidden should be red notes., A red note weighed 1.15 grams, so if it was 92 kilograms…, Ye Feng’s brain worked quickly, he quickly calculated it., 92 kilograms of red notes were equivalent to 8 million in cash., It was a whole 8 million!, When he got this result, Ye Feng also came to the door of the bedroom., He started to look around the bedroom., From his position, he could clearly see that there was only one bed in the entire bedroom, and there was nothing under the bed., Since that was the case…, The stolen money could only be hidden in the wall or under the floor., Thinking of this, Ye Feng quickly walked to a wall and knocked on it., Suddenly, a muffled sound came from the wall., It was solid., There was no money here., Shaking his head, Ye Feng knocked on another spot, but it was still solid., It seemed that there was none in this wall., Then, he squatted down and knocked on a tile., He had thought that if the floor was solid, he would knock on the other three walls, but he did not expect…, Bang, bang, bang…, This sound…, It was empty!, F*ck!, The floor was really empty!, Ye Feng was extremely excited, he stretched out his hand and knocked on another piece of the floor., Bang, bang, bang…, Similarly, it was empty., Then, he knocked on another piece., Bang, bang, bang…, It was still empty!, After a while, Ye Feng knocked on all the floor tiles, including the ones under the bed. They were all empty., Now, he had no doubt about the system’s treasure-hunting ability. The only headache was how to withdraw the cash inside., Directly smash it open?, No, what if the soundproofing wasn’t good, and his neighbors complained that he was disturbing the people?, And if the floor was damaged, he would not be able to answer to the landlord., Could it be that he could only guard this wealth?, It was wrong!, Ye Feng suddenly remembered that there was a loose tile under the bed., Perhaps he could break through from there., ‘I’ll try it first. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just smash it. If the landlord asks…’, ‘We’ll talk about it when the time comes!’, After moving the bed away, Ye Feng squatted down and used his knife to pry open the edge of the floor tile…, After a while, one side of the floor tile was clearly higher than the ground., Ye Feng put down the knife. He grabbed the other side and pulled it. He did not use much strength to pull out the entire floor tile., It actually worked!, Ye Feng was overjoyed, he carefully placed the floor tile to one side and looked forward., There was a layer of black plastic under the floor tiles., Without any hesitation, Ye Feng stretched out his hand and tore the plastic., Soon, the thing covered by the plastic sheet was exposed., It was money!, And they were all red notes!, They were neatly laid out on the ground., Looking at the stacks of cash, Ye Feng was extremely excited, but he quickly regained his senses., This was just the beginning!, Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Ye Feng continued to remove the floor tiles., The floor tiles were stuck to the cement. Fortunately, the cement layer was not thick, so the floor could be pulled out with a little force., One, two…, Soon, the floor of the entire bedroom was removed and placed in the living room., Then, he returned to his bedroom and started to drag the black plastic sheet., The moment the black plastic sheet was completely removed, the ground was revealed to be red., The entire floor of the bedroom was covered with red notes!, The bedroom wasn’t big, only about ten square meters. Stacks of red notes, about two to three centimeters thick, were placed next to each other., That scene was simply too spectacular!, This was 8 million…, Ye Feng looked at the money in front of him, his heart was beating fast., He had never seen so much money before!, Even if he knew that there were 8 million yuan in cash hidden here, it was just a number, after all. The impact was far less intense than seeing it with his own eyes., Furthermore, all this money was his!, At this moment, he only had one thought in his mind: He struck it rich! He was rich!

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